Paint Nite

Creative Direction & UX Design

About Paint Nite

Paint Nite seeks to provide its clients with a fun and unique night out with a combination of painting, drinking and socializing. A community based company, Paint Nite collaborates with local bars, restaurants and artists to bring out individual’s artistic sides and offer them a new way to explore their neighborhoods. Based in Somerville, MA, this company now spans outside of the United States and reaches over 1,500 cities worldwide. Paint Nite caters to around 166,000 guests per month and has sold over 3,300,000 tickets to their events.

“Bounce rate was reduced to 28.5%”

The Paint Nite Project

Create a new and enhanced website with a focus on user-centered and responsive design, increased conversion rates and implementation of a content management system.


  • User stories were collected and organized into pages
  • From the user stories, an information architecture was created detailing all of the specific pages for the web application
  • User flows were mapped onto the information architecture
  • Wireframes of the individual pages were created based on the page’s user stories, existing page analytics and user feedback
  • Once wireframes were approved, the tech team began programming the structure of those pages while user interface was being completed
  • Approved UI design was then sent to the development team for page completion
  • While pages went through testing and QA, designers worked closely with developers to minimize any delays caused by unexpected issues


  • Our team created a website that manages on average 1.2 million visitors per month (April 2016).
  • Bounce rate was reduced to 28.5% (April 2016).