Art of Dharma

Creative Direction & UX Design

“Averaged over 2 million monthly unique visitors through social media and site traffic at it’s peak”

About Art of Dharma

Art of Dharma was born out of my development company, Montage Technologies. Montage was focused on new media, web, social media and mobile development. Working with Montage, I built and lead teams that pushed the envelope in the latest design and development practices for apps, websites and content management systems. The goal of Art of Dharma specifically was to leverage this incredible technology and develop a mindfulness community that welcomes users to share mindfulness stories, resources, teachings and more.

The Art of Dharma Project

Our goal was to build a website to develop a community of mindfulness by publishing contemporary perspectives on the traditional teachings. The goal was to communicate the convictions of our writers’ stores more clearly and powerfully with beautiful images, a simpler layout and clean, crisp font.


  • Brainstorming sessions allowed us to build a thorough feature list and prioritize what was necessary for a minimal viable product
  • Using lean methodology, rough concepts were rapidly prototyped to allow for user testing throughout the development process
  • With our user test results, we developed a clean site with a strong and effective focus on user-centered design
  • Microdata implementation allowed us to create highly shareable content with detailed indexing and identification for marketing on social media and search engines


  • Averaged over 2 million monthly unique visitors through social media and site traffic at it’s peak
  • Over 200,000 followers on Facebook
  • Published authors in 130 countries
  • Recognized by DoYouYoga as one of the Top 10 Meditation Blogs